no turning back

nothing to lose

a world to see

so you keep your distance 

you say you’re falling in slow motion

but he’s got you flying oh it’s true 

contemplating if there’s more to hear

your eyes may be open 

but the doors are closed

staying close enough 

to make you hope

messing up your routine 

because you’re invincible he’s thinking

when really you’re scared 

of the unknown

and everything you don’t know 

but you don’t say a word

because you’ll find your way

just like those before

and those after

and those voices in your head

well they’ll fade away 

and soon enough

you won’t have a word to say

or a moment to waste 

because you’ll be on your way.


daddy's little girl

he had hopes and dreams

many to achieve

many he wanted to inspire

then he had a little girl

oh, she had a lot of spark

she was a fire that ignited

they all would point to the little twinkle in her eye

it was as if a glow had emerged

but he didn’t see it

he saw nothing

just a lonesome one

yet when she saw him

her eyes lit with joy

and her smile grew to the ends of the room

but then slowly by time

it disappeared

where’d it go?

will it come back?

well truth be told

only that little girl can say

and she’s nowhere to be found