you are a victim 'til you are not

you are a victim ’til you are not.

there have been so many times where i have heard this phrase pop out of someone’s mouth that i’m around…

“yeah its f*cked up but he or she’s broken/damaged/etc.”

the thing is i’m not talking about something occurring once or twice. we’ve all been there. we all make mistakes. but when it’s a reoccurring situation.

who is REALLY the victim at that point?

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definition of hell

i once read the definition of hell is that

on your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have became.

it is known that your life shrinks and expands with your willingness to take risks. most of us end up operating on autopilot. caught up in a repetitive cycle. i know i have talked about it one too many times at this point.

but the hardest thing about it is breaking out of it once you’re already in the cycle. so it’s important to be self-aware and not even get yourself in that kind of mindset to begin with. it does no one including yourself any good and over time, it makes us feel as if we’ve “lost ourselves” leading us to dig up an even bigger hole to put ourselves in.

eventually, we start feeling a need for answers. in better words, we start looking for a deeper meaning.


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been there done THAT

the end of May is so bittersweet. especially to us seniors who are graduating right now. i don’t think there’s another feeling like this. and it’s so important to cherish the good the bad all of it.

i remember everything too well. the little details. all the feelings. i look back to each of the events that went on in my life. sometimes i was having the time of my life. and sometimes i thought it was all too much. especially when it’d be one thing after the next. and if you think that’s an exaggeration trust me it’s not. it was unreal how it was. and i used to think i just had bad luck. but i’ve come to realize there’s no such thing as luck. good things and bad things happen to everyone. and while some of us might feel like we get more of the bad side of things. you never know when life is going to switch up on you.

or perhaps when you are going to switch up on life.

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