lil life update

okay so i’ve been in a crappy mood. like flat out the truth. and it’s been that way for a MIN now. maybe it’s the fact that most of my friends are out of town. or that i set the expectation for summer way up there going into it. 


but regardless. things did switch up.

and i mean okay YEAH i guess i could probably write something on how to cheer yourselves up if you’re feelin’ anything remotely close to where i’m at right now. but i’m not even going to lie. 

it’s early & i’m annoyed right now.

so instead i thought i’d share a lil life update. 

my impulsive self decided to spontaneously book myself a trip out of nowhere to the east coast. but i haven’t been over there in around 2 years & it was so good to be away from here. so i went to like 5 states...

within the span of a week.

wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild week

wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild week

that was around the end of june. 

and yes i’ve been going to my fair share of grad parties even though i’m the most forgetful human being on this planet. that sounds so extra but i swear if i missed your grad party it’s not that i don’t love you i just probably didn’t even know it was happening ‘til i saw the snap stories.

a big oOps.

but there’s still way more of those coming so i’m trying be better about it.

thing is you’d think i would want to stick around this summer and embrace this place to the max capacity before i’m out of here in august.

like yeah i’ll be back but it’ll never be the “same” or whatever like they say. still all i can think about is how ready i am to start in a new place. to figure more things out about myself & be elsewhere. 

i feel like i’ve exhausted every option here. and i’ve just been going through the motions. 

i’m soOoOoOo bored. 

also the fact that i’ve been so inconsistent with this that’s just on me. it was doing better than i ever thought it would & i let it go. i didn’t really keep up with what i said & that’s not cool.

so from now on i will be posting a blog post every monday around noon...aND maybe a lil more if time permits.

i loved watching my blog grow & hearing from you guys. i’ve been lacking lacking lately but we have officially got our MOJO back and let me be the first to say

it’s here to stay.

do i ever put my hand down or no yeah i dunno either

do i ever put my hand down or no yeah i dunno either

ps. i actually wasn’t trying to rhyme like that but we’ll go with it.