you are a victim 'til you are not

you are a victim ’til you are not.

there have been so many times where i have heard this phrase pop out of someone’s mouth that i’m around… 

“yeah its f*cked up but he or she’s broken/damaged/etc.”

the thing is i’m not talking about something occurring once or twice. we’ve all been there. we all make mistakes. but when it’s a reoccurring situation.

who is REALLY the victim at that point? 

how many times can you really keep hurting yourself before it’s no one’s fault but your own? i believe there’s a line.

and while it might be an unpopular opinion.

everyone goes through shit. everyone has to deal with issues. and everyone is doing their own thing. 

i realize different people react differently to different things. but we all know the kind of people i’m talking about. 

by the way this by no means is an attack on anyone in particular. 

more so a PSA if anything.

therefore, these attention seeking actions only do one good for so long. before they will be forced to realize that it’s not helping them or anyone around them.

when nicki said “i ain’t gonna compete with a single soul” i FELT THAT.

if there’s anything i’ve learned this past year, it’s to not wait for shit to happen.

don’t be waiting on the perfect time. the $$. a significant other…

N O T H I N G.

just handle your shit. 

some of you act like attacking the things that other people love is a personality trait when all it really means is that you are boring and a low life? i mean do you guys not get embarrassed and tired of thinking that you are ACTUALLY entitled to someone’s full time and attention?? 

and then there’s those of you that are really just the quickest to assume and spread whatever you are feelin’ when you know it isn’t even true? like do you ever take a second to think about the aftermath or the actual friendships and relationships you are screwing over by doing so?? 

sorry legitimately confused🤔

but okay okay no tea no shade. 

point is instead of throwing yourself a little pity party 24/7

and spreading that negative energy around…

get a job. create a hobby. go to the gym. start a diet. learn something new. work on bettering yourself and i guarantee you won’t have any time to spend worrying over anything that is irrelevant. 

or you can continue to come up with all the excuses you want while everyone else chooses to move on with their lives. 

at a certain point, it’s up to you.

don’t convince yourself anything different.