definition of hell

i once read the definition of hell is that

on your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have became.

it is known that your life shrinks and expands with your willingness to take risks. most of us end up operating on autopilot. caught up in a repetitive cycle. i know i have talked about it one too many times at this point. 

but the hardest thing about it is breaking out of it once you’re already in the cycle. so it’s important to be self-aware and not even get yourself in that kind of mindset to begin with. it does no one including yourself any good and over time, it makes us feel as if we’ve “lost ourselves” leading us to dig up an even bigger hole to put ourselves in.

eventually, we start feeling a need for answers. in better words, we start looking for a deeper meaning


some start to think they need to embark on a journey to discover themselves. but in reality, you don’t need to travel miles and miles away to find yourself. in fact, you’ll find that most that do this don’t come back with the clarity they thought they’d find...

all you really need to do is so simple that its effectiveness seems to be forgotten about.

take a risk.

simple as that. taking a risk forces us to adapt to new situations. the severity of it is always in your control. and if you go at it with an “i can handle it” mindset.

you’ll be unstoppable. 

we tend to forget how much we can really take by sheltering ourselves. giving ourselves easy excuses to get out of things that make us feel uncomfortable in any way. when in reality, like any great successful person says, that’s the time when we grow the most as an individual. 

so put yourself in a crazy situation (obviously one that is beneficial) and go into it with an “i can handle it” mindset. watch how YOU are able to take it. you’ll probably be surprised. 

it’s not necessarily ALL on us either though. over the years, we’ve been educated with limitations. we have been taught by the school system, society and even family members repeatedly have stapled this simple lesson into our heads. somewhere along the lines of being better safe than sorry.

people steer away from taking risks because they are afraid of what? 

rejection, embarrassment, failure? 

yet, in attempts of trying to avoid these…. it forms another kind of pain & suffering within ourselves. now, no one needs or wants any of THAT either.

this is all part of a process. and at the end of it all you are going to realize is that the pain and suffering was inevitable. no matter what you do in life. or what kind of life you choose to lead. everyone deals with something at one point or another. 

and the only person you ever really had to be accountable to was to no one but yourself. 

so yeah, maybe it won’t work out.

but maybe seeing if it does, will be the best thrill yet.