for all you grammar fanatics...

there’s a reason i write my posts the way i do. and while i know that for those of you that are grammar fanatics, you probably got that disgusted look all over your face reading my posts.

rest assured, i swear i am not actually bad at grammar. or at least not to THIS extent. but no lol trust me when i say this is all very intentional. in school, business, any professional setting, emails, etc. grammar is very important no matter how you, me or anyone feels about it. that’s just facts. it reveals professionalism and shows that you know what you are talking about.

however, this is MY blog. and since i have to upkeep grammar rules everywhere else… i don’t feel the need to keep it up when it comes to this site.

mainly, because i write my posts from that voice in my head. that voice we all have. and mine sounds like this. it’s broken up kind of like poetry. there’s a rhythm. but this is the way it sounds. and in my blog, i want my voice to come out. i want you all to be able to hear it.

and GRAMMAR gets in the way of that. so i apologize if you can’t stand the way my posts are typed out. there’s not much to be done about it, besides get over it or stop reading??

sorry not sorry 😴

sorry not sorry 😴

but for the rest of yall, i hope you enjoy what you are reading. i know blogging isn’t something considered “cool” and no one is really trying to be reading things anymore so i don’t like posting anything that is going to be a drag to get through.

trust me no one is trying to be like THAT either.

and while we are on the subject, if there’s any topics/advice that you are looking for please hit my line on any of my social media or shoot me an email — i have everything linked in the buttons at the bottom of every page & of course i want to hear from you guys :)

’til next time xoxo