what can WE do #sudanuprising

this is something that took a toll on me and came out of nowhere. the whole situation took me a minute to fully process & educate myself on what was happening.

i know i have made my blog a place of rather comfort for small, relatable things that everyone deals with at some point in their lives.

which ironically… sometimes steers us into forgetting how blessed we truly are.

this is something that needs to be HEARD by everyone. i debated even putting this out on my blog because there are probably people who can do a better job of informing. but spreading awareness is still the same no matter who it is coming from. and even if this blog post were to educate someone to some sort of an extent & push them towards to help… it makes a difference. so here it is.

the internet in Sudan has been blocked off in hopes to keep this information away from the rest of the world.

RIHANNA raising awareness on her insta story

RIHANNA raising awareness on her insta story


but this is happening in OUR world as we speak. we are all comfortable in our environment and homes that we have turned a blind eye. this is not @ anyone or anything of the sort. this is to be educated and show Sudan that they have the support they rightfully deserve. they are just like any of us trying to live our lives. human beings. and instead they are being treated worse than animals in a cage. they are all the same. trying to do right by their families and themselves. trying to live their lives.

no different than any of us. just in a different place in the world.

these people are being murdered beat oppressed. this is a MASSACRE. Sudan has been hit by a wave of violence that cannot be justified. with over 70 rape cases and 100 killed, my heart YEARNS for them. it’s easy to turn a blind eye. but this is all happening right now. they exist. SUDAN EXISTS. and silence isn’t going to help anyone. being quiet isn’t going to change anything.


i wrote this post to provide some information for those of you to gain awareness & further look into it. in hopes of at least educating someone. anyone. and to show some ways to help. i know how minor it might seem. how it feels like it won’t even make a difference. i know i used to think it wouldn’t. but trust me. because each and every person.

makes a difference.

that’s how big this is.


how to help

1. blue profile pic

  • the easiest way to raise awareness…the more people know what’s going on, the more difficult it is for Sudan’s government to get away with the cruelty & puts more pressure on our governments to make an act to help.


2. signing petitions — included some

  • change.org petition calls for the UN to investigate the june 3rd human rights violations in sudan — you can literally see people signing it by the second.

  • amnesty international petition calls for the Ethopian prime minister to put pressure on transitional military council to withdraw rapid support forces from further policing acts.

3. reach out to your congress

  • call 202-224-3121 to find your member of congress. state your zip code. once you’re connected, tell them you support helping the people of Sudan.

  • use resistbot to text your members of Congress. text RESIST to 50409 & it will help you contact your elected officials. tell them your support to help the people of Sudan.

    • could even send them George Clooney’s essay. George Clooney has been working in South Sudan for years & explains why Congress should act & how they can help the people of Sudan

4. donate — even a $1 does something

  • UNICEF working to help the children displaced by the crisis — donate here

  • Save the Children working in Sudan since 1984 — donate here

  • International Rescue Committee working to fight malnutrition & help displaced families in Sudan since 1989 — donate here

  • campaigns

    • facebook campaign aims to raise funds for food & medicine for those in Sudan — donate here

    • GoFundMe campaign working to bring emergency medical aid to Sudan — donate here

the simplest things can have the biggest effect. especially when everyone comes together. i may have thought writing this blog post would be silly because there’s already credible sources with more information online that i’ve been reading to educate myself. but i realized i’ve only seen & registered that information because i went out of my way to do so. after something that got my attention. i hope this post might be that something for someone. raising awareness is still raising awareness no matter who is doing so.

so do what you can.

it’s the least we can do. my heart is breaking knowing that there is still so much we don’t know that’s happening. but even if this feels like it won’t do much.

it’s still worth it. to show the people of Sudan that we are rooting for them.

we hear you. we got you. and we have a whole lot of love coming towards you.