prom loser

i’m someone who does not go for high school dances. i suck at planning things. there’s so much drama in between. so i skipped out when i could. not my thing. plus it’s always been a sh*t show.

like junior year hoco. omfg. by the time my date & i pulled up to the dance it was raining so bad the water was up to our ankles. AND i was wearing a long dress like mother nature please do me more dirty.

she got the message though for sure because it got so windy that our umbrella blew straight away from us all the way across the parking lot. 

so i showed up to the dance DRENCHED. everything literally. my hair my dress all my makeup. i was walking through the halls and people were whispering to each other like daaaanngg she got the worst of it. 

yeah mother nature. thanks for that. 

now it’s time for PROM. and well that’s a little harder to get out of when your constantly being asked about it. but maybe a last hurrah with your best friends isn’t such a bad thing. 

after all even if the ACTUAL dance isn’t fun. getting all dolled up once in forever. taking cute pics with each other that last. the after party. 

and with prom we get PROM WEEKEND. 

my group decided to do a cabin in the dells so we could go out to the parks during the day and then hang out at night. plus if it’s a cabin that’s kind of isolated we don’t have to worry about being too loud ;) smart we know. 

so i’m hype. even if nothing’s exactly really figured out. and that might not end up happening without one of us taking charge sooner or later. oops we’re all pretty lazy.

it’ll probably end up being another sh*t show in all honesty.

but it’ll be my last one. and it’ll be with my people. 

so isn’t that what really matters once we all go off our separate ways. 

i’ll get to think back when we are miles apart and hold it close to me. it’s easy to get caught up in the little things of it all. i know that’s what stopped me from going to last year prom when i could’ve. 

and maybe in the years before i don’t really mind that i didn’t go to the dances. because i didn’t really have the people that i cared to go with in my life necessarily. 

but i can’t say that’s how it is anymore. and this is something we need for each other before we drift apart.

inevitably :’(

lucky for me i’m going to be smack dab in the middle of my 2 girls at college. yes it’s 3 hours both ways but we can make it happen. and they’ll both have their cars.

so there’s a lot of planning to do.

hopefully i get better at it. and HOPEFULLY i don’t back out of prom last minute because we know how good i am at that. whoops.

& to end off here’s a sneak peek of my dress🌟

stay in tune !!!