like it’s dangerous

we love the thrill. i know i do. i love the rush. the HYPE. i live for it.

i live OFF it.

i’m more uncomfortable with myself knowing i’m in my comfort zone. knowing that nothing is changing. that i’m in a constant state of mind. and honestly i get pretty bored too. like yeah maybe i might feel a little YIKES when i’m out of that comfort zone. but it’s a good kinda yikes. and it keeps things interesting. you’re taking everything all in for all it is. it’s where you’re growing. and gaining new perspectives. learning more about yourself along the process.

it’s important to find your limits. to know what you’re capable of and more. because nothing can you stop then. and this applies to everything and anything.

thing is not everything works for everyone. and different things affect us all in different ways. know your weaknesses. improve on them. 

and if it doesn’t work. then it doesn’t work. don’t force it. some things just aren’t meant to be. and that’s okay too.

b/c you will THRIVE in your strengths. in all the things you love. so find those out. even if it’s just a question. a maybe. something lingering at the back of your head. you’ll never know unless you try. so do anything. everything. try it all.

i mean when else? another life?????

before you know it you’re going to be 80 and not sure where all those years went. how life managed to pass by you so simply. slipping through without even realizing.

and i’m not saying to go out of your way and do illegal things. because no no no. 

it’s about changing your mindset. 

do things like it’s DANGEROUS. no matter what it is. 

like it’s your last time. now or never. so precise because you don’t know if it’ll happen again. 

your regrets are what are going to screw you over at end.

but everything you DO. everything that’s done like it’s dangerous. 

well i’ll just tell you right now you’re going to have some good stories to share. 

an iconic 18 years i’m SAYIN

an iconic 18 years i’m SAYIN