hey guys:)

so in honor of tomorrow being the 3-month mark for my very first blog post !!!!

AND because of everyone who has reached out to me — means so SO much to me — i decided to create an insta page to focus entirely on my blog. i don’t want followers on my personal account who aren’t into it to be bombarded by the story posts but i’ll probably still be at it till this new page actually becomes a thing honestly.

a solid transition & i think it’s a new way to put myself out there a little more even though it freaks me out a lil.

plus i’ve got nothing to lose so. 

if you keep up with this blog, please PLEASE show your support by giving a quick follow to my new insta @xomanatat clicking on the button below.

i’ll be posting excerpts of each blog post and i’m ACTUALLY going to try posting once every 1-2 days even thru all the stumps in between so hold me to it guys.

and lowkey yeah i might change the username later so give me suggestions if you’re feelin’ something 🥰

thought i’d attach my first blog post to look back on. it’s already been CRAZY these past 3 months but i’ve been having around 300 new viewers each week which is literally insane. so wow i love you all and i love the support like AWWW thank you for the best.

it’s all a ride and man i’m so hype for it.