i have always been pretty straightforward. i like the directness. and i don’t like dealing with the BS in between so i rather just not have any.

i’m probably gonna say that a billion more times to get my point across in the future too but like damn. i don’t think i’ll ever not be blown at the amount of people who intentionally try to cause issues. or the ones who avoid a situation when it arises every chance they get.

no one ever realizes how much bad karma they stir up into the universe by trying to give others a taste of their own medicine. like if you just leave sh*t alone. do ur own thing.


so i’m just gonna put this out here for those of you who think you’re winning the game when you’re really just screwing yourself over and not helping anyone else out while you’re at it. 

the whole “let’s not talk about our feelings and make sure we’re the last one to leave the other on read to boost our own ego when we know we’re not over it” sh*t show was never cool AND has most definitely been played out at this time. 

so if you feel it speak it because we’ve got things to do places to be. lets get a MOVE ON.

please & thank you.