B*TCH (takes one to know one)

sorry for the vulgar language. but sometimes it’s necessary to get a point across. we all have heard the cliche of the cold hearted b*tch. and while i as do many other girls may come across in such a way.

reality check: no one is actually cold-hearted. at least not all the way. no matter what it may seem like. or what they come across as.

because after multiple fuck ups. listening to the wrong things. saying even worse things. a label gets created. and it sticks.

especially in our OWN minds.

but that’s why we get to have our fresh starts right? to be able to get rid of these labels with the rest of the world. but the thing is when you do get to start over. you are bound to screw up. at one point or another. and so the same label. or another. gets stuck.

in OUR heads.

so what. we have to wait for another ‘era’ in our lives to get our fresh start? sounds bogus to me. we all have personas. we all have labels. some truth to it. some maybe not so much. so why do we care about what anyone else thinks about it? when we know the real truth. and we know ourselves better than anyone could even try to get to know us.

whether it’s family friends bosses teachers strangers. whoever it is. they will all have a different perspective of you. and you will have some extent of a persona towards them depending on who they are to you. not like they know what you’re thinking. as you don’t know what they’re thinking.

and so forth. a label gets created. one amongst many.

so when there are so many labels. why settle to hurt yourself with one? take them all in. the good the bad the iffy. because it’s all YOU.

you are more than just ONE thing after all.

you cold hearted B*TCH.