detox detox detox

so i’m a very CASUAL person. i don’t like getting all up in anyone’s grill. i like to go with the flow of things. to deal with things as they come my way.

and i try not to get TOO heated. unless you get me triggered.

then lmao forget that i have ZERO issues getting all up in your grill.

but for the most part i am pretty chill. i don’t want the drama and i don’t need it. especially considering i have enough going on without any of the unnecessary pettiness. and you’d THINK most people would feel the same. except really. no matter what they say. 

the truth is people love to spice things up. 

and you know what. no matter how much i or anyone denies it. yeah daily life can get kinda boring sometimes. and sometimes you’re looking for something to change things up a little.

i GET that.

but guys cmon. the fact of the matter is that the world doesn’t revolve around just YOU. 

maybe in your head it does. and yeah that’s cool. no one can tell you what to think or imagine. that’s all on you and you can do whatever you like with that. but there’s also a real world out there...and dragging others into your show just for the sake of your OWN entertainment. not cool.

life without drama is TOXIC FREE. and yeah you’re never going to NOT have drama. even as a full blown adult. trust me i’ve heard plenty of ongoing pettiness where that COMES from. 

so maybe it gets worse. or maybe it gets better.

but it’ll always be there. no matter how many people you cut off or where you try to run. and yeah it’s easy to say to channel your focus into something more productive. to forget the rest point blank. to do something that’ll help you grow as an individual and not stoop down to their level. except thats not always so easy to do. and we all have emotions. no matter how much some of us try to hide them.

which makes it even easier to get caught up in what’s in front of you. but you can’t tell me that it doesn’t get old. that you don’t ever take a second and think is this drama even worth your time? 

and honestly when you really do think about it...

is THAT really how you want to be spending your time?

so guys. i have a proposition.

it’s SPRING now. 

and while it may not feel like least not out here in the midwest. :(

it’s TIME for some spring cleaning my dudes. remember it’s never too early or too late to be cutting certain people off but lucky us.

because it’s that time of year. 

and all tea all shade yallll need to stop entertaining pointless people. you are literally wasting your time with TOXINS. 

all the DRAMA. the talk. the back n forth. oof. 

you don’t need it. and trust me. 


you’ll be GLOWING.