sorry guys i know i’ve seriously been lacking with the blog posts. i was supposed to stay on top of it and here i am dragging.

i’ve got to say i’m surprised. at how many people have actually noticed. like ugh i love you all.

truth is i’ve had zero motivation. maybe it’s the whole below zero negative weather thing. or the fact that school is completely useless especially at this point yet i’m expected to show up 5 days a week for 7 hours at a STRETCH.

like no thank you. there’s just SO much to do and the time seems to move way too fast when i need to take a second and way too slow when i need it to be rolling. yeah funny how it works out that way. 

and then there’s me wrapped up in my own head. living in my own day dreams. so yeah maybe i need a reality check. anddddd maybe i need to figure my shit out.

i still need to order my cap and gown for graduation and i’m about 4 1/2 months late with that. OOPS.

it also seems kinda late for me to start trying to be a good student. but better late than never??

my own thoughts are consuming me. and everything else around ‘em can’t seem to give me a break. which i guess isn’t anything new. but i’m tired. and bored.

and yeah trust me i know how easy it is to lose sight of what’s important. 

so i’m here to talk about the one thing. 

the one thing that never fails you. me. or any of us really.

it brings anyone and everyone together. gives us a helping hand when we’re down in the feels. allows us to surround ourselves with a single voice. and it’s all to our liking. us choosing.

and for just a couple minutes. you can take yourself to another place. another world.

your own world. where YOU can do whatever.

all it takes is that one song. to get your focus to its utmost peak. to where you have the scenes rolling through your head. and nothing else matters. but the feeling in you. the moments passing by. and having the storyline take its natural course.

there’s so many different types. genres. each to its own. to every mood. to every feeling. to every person. we all can find to our own. 

and the way it affects us. how it can take us back to certain times. certain moments. 

we love it....and we may hate it at the same time. but that’s what makes it so valuable to us. 

except yes eventually. and unfortunately at times. we have to come back to reality. and things are not as dandy. 

yet this is the time that makes all the difference.

to channel everything you’ve got. to take that focus. and your storyline. and make use of it. 

give yourself something. anything. a little bliss out of a lot of shitty. take pleasure in it. and then get yourself moving. you deserve to do the best for yourself. and as much as it may suck right now. or feel like it’s slipping away. you are in control. AND you are in charge.


so give yourself a break. and get inspired. 

because this is yours. and you do YOU.

don’t let anyone tell you any different.