you can walk home in the rain

who wants to live a life with each day on GODDAMN repeat? you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference.

it’s easy to fall into a cycle. a series of repeats. over and over. and soon it becomes that each day is the same. ‘til you can’t tell the difference because you’re stuck doing the same acts.

pulling your same old shit.

it’s easy to go back to old habits. old people. forget why things didn’t work out. 

it’s easy to get ahead of yourself. to think you’ll do it differently THIS time. 

but let’s be real. there’s no THIS time. 

old ways won’t open new doors.

yes we’ve heard that one before. but a cliche turned into a cliche for a reason.

our mind works in a funny way. we can fall into traps easy. and even easier with our guard down. if we aren’t careful enough.

and we can’t be so naive either. there’s repercussions. 

but being careless. that’s the best part. just to be you. and not give a care what anyone thinks.

to feel like you’re on top of the world. 

to live like you’ve got it made. 

so yeah it might be easy. easy for all that to happen. and even more. 

and sometimes it’s okay. 

because it finds its way through. it just took another chance. or maybe two. 

but sometimes it’s not. 

it’s on a cycle. never ending. and doing no one any good.

so you tell me. what do you want? and where do you stand?

it’s your life silly.

take a stand. stick with it.

take a stand. stick with it.