times like these

wow it’s been a minute and the last thing i even talked about was my mother finding out my blog. well, a lot has happened since then so let’s get into the tea.

i’ve moved out to iowa for a little over a month now and it’s been a lot of ups and downs but the best thing i’ve ever done is literally put myself out there. i think it’s hard for a lot of people moving somewhere new because of the whole being home sick or feeling lonely like you don’t belong but even though this sounds so cliche, i genuinely do believe everything happens for a reason.

people have been hitting me up asking how college is going or if i’m “happy” all the time now that i’m out of the shit show.

so here’s my whole spiel about being happy. thing is no one is ever going to be happy 24/7 and expecting that is only gonna end up getting you in a rut. we all have got our mini daily issues that get us rocking back and forth whether it’s you got an exam or some drama going down with your people.

i mean shit happens and we still gotta do what we gotta do. it’s no lie we are spending major bank on all this. 

but i definitely can say i love being out here so much more than back home and this isn’t an @ at anyone or anything in the ville but just the fact that i literally have needed a major change for a hot min now. so to answer the question, i really am so happy to be out here. 

happiness is something that fluctuates and no matter where you go, that’s not going to change. so next time you’re having a bad day or your down in the dumps, just remember that it’s only going to go up from there. look at all the things working out for you and if you can’t think of anything, then try something new. literally anything. 

these next 4 years are going to be unlike anything else you experience in your life so isn’t the point making the best of it? you might not be nonstop happy and shit is still going to go down but all the lil memories throughout it all are what’s going to end up mattering the most for you to say that you had the time of your life.

i finally have gotten the freedom i’ve been looking for after being in the ville so long and me being independent since... well fricking forever honestly has really helped me out here because that’s what it’s all about. and if you tend to rely on those around you a lot then maybe it’s time to branch out and figure out how you gotta do you. i can vouch you’ll thank yourself for it when it comes down to it. 

now if i’m being completely honest yeah i’ve been busy with classes, recruitment, and everything in between but i think me not posting anything on here was a lil more about something else. when i first started blogging in the ville it was definitely a YIKES for me. if you’ve been reading these posts for a while now, you know that i’m known to be most lowkey person and if we think to way back when, i mean i could have never imagined putting anything out there like i have been for the past couple months. so not gonna lie, it was kinda hard at first. and for a good while after that. but then having those friends/acquaintances/random people come up to me at parties or places i’m out at talking about my blog had gotten me so comfortable with me putting myself out there that being in a new environment with no one really knowing about it got me kinda oof. 

but like i said the first step is literally just putting yourself out there and i mean do i really care what others have to say about it? if you’re not into it, then no one out here saying you gotta read any of it so ????

and i mean if it doesn’t work out, what do i have to lose? nothing because i’m still gonna be doing me. 

but if it does, then there’s something to gain for everyone and that’s the best part of it. hence here i am going for it and starting off fresh once again.

so yall stay in tune for the new college life deets. there’s a hell of a lot more coming trust me 🥳

lil tb to the first week out here 🖤

lil tb to the first week out here 🖤