take the chance

i get annoyed. way too fast. way too easily.

i guess you could call it a bad trait.

i’ve accepted it though.

it makes it easier for me to be straight up and direct. ya know without any of the bs.

and that’s the way i like it anyway.

i can only tolerate so much ‘til you get the classic eye roll or death stare and you get the hint. well at least i hope you get the hint.

so yeah i get that i can kinda turn into a bitch. and that it can happen kinda fast. and i know the resting b*tch face i’ve got doesn’t help my case out too much either. 

but i’m actually genuinely a nice person. regardless of what the people who don’t really know jack shit but think they know everything might say over here. i really do wish for everyone to do their best and be at their best. even if our relationship isn’t on the bestest of terms. 

so no i’m not just some plain old bitch. there’s some more to it. fr.

see i think there’s more to life than to just simply go through the motions of it. and when time feels like it’s getting taken away from me...

i get impatient. very impatient.

i feel like i can be doing so much more and the time i’ve got is getting wasted and drifting away from me. and i HATE that. that feeling. 

so don’t take it personally.

...if you’ve ever received one of my infamous eye rolls or death stares. ‘cause news flash you’re probably not the only one. and in reality it’s really just one of my own issues. well, SOME of the time.

but its just that i wanna do more w/ my life. at any given moment. which might seem like a lil much saying it out loud like that. but i mean at least when i can. i wanna take advantage of every single opportunity i have right in front of me. and you should too because if you don’t watch out. one day you might not have that opportunity anymore. not THAT same one at least.

plus wouldn’t you wanna be able to say that you took the chance right when you had it?

you didn’t wait. you just went for it. no questions asked.

because that my friends. that is hardcore.