prude or slut?

prude or slut?

in this town. you can only be one.


“you tryna hook up?”

you think no you aren’t down. and you try to be the straight up person you are and save both of yalls time by saying you’re not. 

now they’re pissed. you have to deal with their temper tantrums because they don’t know any better. they say all kinds of things. whatever they can to maybe. possibly. potentially. be able to convince you otherwise.

they go on about how they’ve heard you gotten around. maybe they heard you hooked up with a certain guy. or another. but no no. now you’re the PRUDE. or maybe a tease even. since you won’t get with THEM right?

do they think that’ll get them in your pants?

oh sorry i don’t want to hook up with EVERY guy i talk to?? so sorry i know how to respect myself??

but hey maybe there’s one that’s kinda hot. and he’s funny. can keep a convo going. seems respectable. a decent guy. so you think hey why not? nothing wrong with a little fun right?

after all you’re in your teenage years. this is the time to live a little right?

so you go for it. turns out he wasn’t as lowkey as you thought. so yeah you screwed up. but it’s okay because when else? 

except you still have to live with the aftermath of it. now everyone knows. and you know how the word gets around. so now you’re the SLUT.

“wow does she get with every guy she looks at?” oh PLEASE. save the talk for someone who cares.

so let me know. how the same girl. with no difference.

can be a prude AND a slut at the same time.

and why every guy thinks who she is has anything to do with THEIR opinion. LOL. keep talking.

these idiots. dumbasses. how insignificant you are. and how funny it is you think you have any effect on someone who already does her own kinda thing. she’s on her own and she knows it.

and YOU. you are nothing new. she’s seen it all. she’s heard it all. 

so keep talking. at least i’m getting the entertainment of knowing you’ve got nothing better to do than to constantly have my name come out of your mouth during your irrelevant talks. have fun boys.