no feelings no problems? you THOUGHT.

throwback to a couple years back when i thought that i would be invincible... that is if i didn’t have any feelings. 

think about it.

no feelings. no problems. you do what you gotta do and then you’ll end up with success because there’s nothing in your way. 

i thought i changed the game. 

like HA all those silly people screwing up their lives ‘cause they let their feelings influence them and their actions and decisions and all that… blah blah

so i tried it. and i mean it works. probably worked for me longer than it does for most. i’m good at shutting down. i’m good at keeping it all bottled up inside. i’ve had TONS of practice. so it felt kinda natural.

ya know how it goes.

but then those feelings surface. even just a little and they’d drop kick me back down to the ground. because feeling something... the worst possible thing right? 


yet i’d get so mad at myself as soon as those feelings started coming up to my skin. like why could i not just chill tf out?? i mean CMON girl.

but you wanna know why? ‘cause it’s fricking human nature. we are humans. we are meant to feel. there’s no way around that. 

so what’s next.

literally nothing. but to EMBRACE it. 

...and watch your life change into something so SO beautiful and meaningful. something you’d never wanna change a single part of. 

even if it makes things harder. because your life is YOUR LIFE the way it is. accept it. make it the best version it can possibly be. don’t let it go. don’t let it vanish into thin air. 

and as cliche as it sounds... i love it now. and you will too. give it time my loves. 

you’ve got this.