we all have those days.

where we don’t wanna do jack shit but lay in bed. cuddle up in the blanket. and never leave. 

some of us more than others.

some of us ALL THE TIME.

what’s so wrong about that? yeah i don’t know either.

okay okay maybe i’m a bit biased because i’m part of the “ALL THE TIME” group. but i’m serious.

my nickname has turned into the SLOTH. wouldn’t be able to tell u the first time someone even came up with it. and why? because they all like to say people don’t get lazier than i do. but ok i don’t think i’m THAT bad. really.

i love being in bed. it’s my safe haven. it’s where i can watch movies that make me cry out to my hearts content. or listen to 8D music in my headphones and feel the music surround me so i can be in my own world. even if it’s just for a couple minutes.

because those couple of minutes are everything to me. i wouldn’t be able to be ME without them.

when you yourself have to be CONSTANTLY aware of what’s going on around you. because if not the world could come crashing down any second. those couple of minutes. they do you wonders.

therefore. i LOVE being a sloth. and you should too. 

and as for the rest of yall, come at me bitches.