the journey

i love car rides. i love them more than any destination. it’s my favorite part. it’s where i thrive and it’s where i always take a second to look up n be thankful for what i have got because at least in that moment, i am the happiest i can be. 

i do this EVERY time now. you probably think i’m kidding but i couldn’t be more serious about it. and yeah okay i used to not too. but trust me when i say what a difference it makes. it’s worth it.

it’s because i don’t want to love the moment only after it’s over. i need it appreciated during or it KILLS me. i dont stop yearning for it again.

like cruising down the freeway with the best of your friends all smushed in one car singing at the top of our lungs and laughing so hard ‘til we can’t breathe and our stomachs hurt like a lil b*tch.

there’s something therapeutic about it. something that gives me peace. serenity.

we all have those days where there is nothing going right. feels like nothing at all. feels like we have nothing to be happy about. and you become sad. you get upset and fussy and you’re just not about it. i mean it happens to the best of us. we reminisce. we feel like things have gone so south that there’s no way back. it’s not worth it. in other terms... we think we are fucked.

but in situations like these, the key is to look at the bigger picture. the WHOLE picture. you can’t ever have it all. there will be good days and bad days. good times and bad times. 

that’s life. that’s how it is. and although it might be a pain in the ass sometimes. or most of the time. taking even that little good from each day will make you the happiest human. just think about it for a second. enjoy it. take all of its potential and turn it into something that will spark that light within you. because isn’t that what it’s all about?

and just remember, if you’ve never felt any of THE bad, how would you even know what THE good is?