the secret to growing up

we all have a past

we’ve done things we are not super proud of. done things that we regret. 

but how else do you experience every feeling that is possibly in existence?

without trying everything. taking it all in.

i don’t want to leave a single moment. a single feeling even behind. i want the experience of it all.

there’s nothing wrong with a little risk. with a couple of mistakes. some fuck ups along the way. it’s how it goes. 

and YOU.

YOU are not your past. 

you can choose to be. but you don’t have to be. 

so why would you?

these mistakes and fuck ups... let them steer you in the right direction. and guide you closer to where you see yourself.

even if it’s just a step. 

it’ll make all the difference.

so let it immerse you. evolve yourself. grow some wisdom. shed some light. 

growing up can be a scary thought. something each one of us wonder about every now and then. but the light within it...?  it’s that you’re able to constantly grow within your own self. 

there’s nothing stopping you.

each birthday. each year. if you look back to the year before. you’ll see a whole lot of change.

think back to this time LAST year. 

you can’t possibly tell me that there aren’t at least a billion things that have changed. that are different. that are no more or have added to your daily life. or your life as a whole.

sure there are things that stay the same. but holy. there’s so much that changes.

yes, some bad. but what about the GOOD?

so cmon. 

don’t you want to watch your life unravel itself?

each year. a different chapter. 

little by little. day by day. without even noticing. and all of a sudden you’re at a new point in time.

you don’t associate yourself with some people anymore. people have left. people have come into your life. it’s weird. it’s crazy. but it’s ongoing.

so just think.

this time NEXT year.

you have no idea where you will be. but it’ll be different. in way you would have never thought of beforehand. 

and the curiousity. that constant wonder clinging in the back of my head. that’s something i can never let go of.

but it’s a lucky thing to have. it’s the last straw. the last teeny glimpse. that gets you going and doing your thing. 

even when you really don’t want to.

so hold on to it. you’ll need it.

oh hi there

oh hi there