human nature

as humans, we are naturally selfish people. don’t deny it ‘cause it’s true. yeah okay we feel sympathy and empathy and all that good mushy stuff too. some more than others. but when it comes down to it, we naturally have the urge to do whatever it takes to make us happy as an individual. some of us just fight it harder than others.

but i’m here to say there’s nothing wrong with that. it’s important to take care of yourself. it’s important to meet your needs. YOU are important.

so don’t fight it. 

i know i have for much too long now. and what good has that done me? NONE.

don’t feel so bad. don’t beat up on yourself. do what you gotta do. because at the end of the day who do you REALLY have but yourself? i’m not saying ruin other people’s lives while you are at it. i know i get so so SO happy mainly by knowing that i’m making those around me happier. 

so is it selfish because i wanna make myself happy by doing that? or is it not selfish because i’m wanting to make those around me happy?