the quiet hours

things to do places to be?

oh YEAH.

the world is constantly on the go. 

somewhere. someplace. something significant is occurring. no matter what time it is.

it’s crazy. yeah okay i know we need our sleep too.

i tend to get less of it. but look. i feel like there’s no time to waste. even if it’s just laying in your bed watching netflix. 

but sometimes you need that for yourself. that pause.

i always want to be aware of the world. i want to be awake. we’ve got 24 hours each day. every day. and i still don’t think that’s enough time.

not for everything i want to do. 

lowkey though. you wanna know my favorite time?

it’s the quiet hours. 

the hours when it can be just you. between 2 and 5 am. 

you can do anything. 

and there’s nothing but peace and quiet. 

the SERENITY. oh how we love it. i do. 

the world feels as if it is at a still. 

and i can’t think of any time better.

the rush

the rush