yes it’s about a crush heh

having a crush

okay i know it sounds all middle school. kinda juvenile.

but hear me out. 

it’s the feeling. that’s what we’re talking about here.

adksxmsnzkskj. i don’t know. if i can really explain the feeling but like... we get all tingly. our stomachs do a lil flip flop. heh. 

…seriously though?

life without a crush. or someone to admire in more adult terms. it gets kinda boring. like yeah sometimes you’ll get nervous. maybe really nervous. but like it’s the good kinda nervous.

and sometimes maybe your heart starts beating really fast. 

but like okay it’s kinda cute. CMON :’)

plus it gives you something during a crap kinda day. and okay okay i get it. no one NEEDS anyone else. you can get by on your own just fine. trust me i GET that. more than you’d think.

but ya know there’s nothing wrong with having it either?

AND it keeps you on your toes. 

so now we are at what i’m really talking about.

its the feeling in between. the anticipation.

i LOVE the anticipation. like sending a risky text. or just saying something you have no idea what kinda reaction you’d get from it. 

like i’ll go for it. 

just like that.

so sometimes i’m probably more straightforward than i should be for my own good. eek. but i still love it.

and okay yeah there’s the possibility of getting your heart broken. especially if he’s one you really have caught the feels for. and god knows some of us have had enough of that. 

but it’s a feeling that doesn’t come around just like that. at least not for me. so i think the chance is worth it.

and lucky me i know how to bounce back quick. or at least have learned to put things aside for myself. i’m willing to get through the gross yucky sad emo stuff within a snap of a finger or at least i can make it seem like it. so okay maybe sometimes i don’t deal. when i really should. but the thing is with me is that i’m always looking for what’s coming ahead. and if you know me, you know i hate wasting time.

it takes one day. one moment. for it all to change. who wants to miss out on that?

so if it’s not this one. it might be the next. or maybe the one after that.

but just think. you’re only one guy closer to your prince charming. okay ew i threw up a lil in my mouth too.

but you get the idea.

and i get life doesn’t always work out like that and i can be a negative lil bitch about it too but LETS try to be better about it shall we. 

we know life can suck so let’s just think some good thoughts & support each other to the max while we get out there yes sry i got mushy there but it’s just that kinda vibe tn. xoxo.

sunday mornings. the best kinda mornings ;)  the rest of the day sunday sucks tho.  but we are trying to be positive here. well I TRIED. lol.

sunday mornings. the best kinda mornings ;)

the rest of the day sunday sucks tho.

but we are trying to be positive here. well I TRIED. lol.