the big C word.

the big C word.


yeah that’s a YIKES. i don’t do commitment. okay it’s not that i don’t do it, i just suck at it. 

it’s the tale as old as time…. she’s got DADDY issues. like okay we get it shut up.

i do my own thing. i’m the most independent person there is and i’ve been that way since a child. i didn’t really have a childhood. i knew santa wasn’t real. i knew the tooth fairy didn’t exist. some might think it’s kinda sad. i don’t really care if i’m being honest. because i mean hell to it that yeah i might have grew up kinda young... but sometimes i worry that i might have even peaked young too.

except no.

because i refuse to accept that. we all are growing constantly and each day if you look real close, there’s always something that’s different. something that changes. day by day, week by week, month by month, and all of a sudden your life is completely different from what it was at the start of the year.

a lot of people dread this. but i love it. i need change. i get bored easy...that’s why commitment is the big C word. not an easy thing for me. 

so should i be proud of myself that i can instantly adapt myself to my surroundings? that i can make the most out of a situation?

or should i be upset.

upset that i get bored of it all almost just as quick too?