hell yeah i’m legal

the big 1 8.

jan 13. just an ordinary day. like any other day. 

but yeah it’s my birthday today. 

now i know how weird this is about to sound but i normally HATE celebrating my birthday. acknowledging it. anything of the sort.

there’s some painful memories behind that. but long story short last time i celebrated my birthday was the 4th grade. 

we had a bouncy house though so that was sick.

ANYWAYS this birthday however. it is different.

i have been counting down days. months. YEARS. for this birthday to come. i’m turning 18. finally legal kiddos. 

i know it’s not technically the biggest deal. and everyone says hey you’re still a kid. but for me it’s a bigger deal than you could ever imagine. because I’M LEGAL. 

when you’re as independent as i am and always have been since you were even a little kid. imagine what a drag it is when the rest of the world doesn’t see any of that but your age. an age that doesn’t match. like you have no idea how bad i want to throat punch some people. and for how long i’ve wanted to.

but hey they can’t say jack shit now. HA suckers.

now not to get all mushy or gross because i’m not trying to YACK either but…

in all honesty. i wasn’t exactly sure i’d make it to here.

not because of me or something i would do so don’t go thinking down that route... but i’m not going to lie i have had many many MANY near death experiences. like so close. like it’s kinda crazy and insane and ridiculous HOW CLOSE.

to the point that people like to say i cheat death. on the daily.

and yeah okay i don’t know how true all THAT exactly is but the fact that i can look back right now. in this moment.

and know that i really have survived through all of that. and i made it past. to this day. 

i feel invincible.

“to be free”

“to be free”

so i just want to say to those who feel like their life is going nowhere and they feel like nothing is ahead for them. that your life sucks right now. and maybe it couldn’t get any worse for you.

let me tell you right now that there is the COOLEST shit out there waiting for each one of us. things unimaginable.

so please keep going. no matter what.

because life on the other side. ITS WILD.

and it’s worth it.

my guys and my gals. you got this.

my guys and my gals. you got this.