sry i’m calling us all out

i’m on the way to the city right now. in a train by myself. that sounds depressing. it’s not really considering the kinda weekend i’m gunna have the second i get off. plus i also get some me time. idk maybe i like being a loner. yeah i guess i’m weird like that.

anyways that’s besides the point. so after i got on, a girl at my school that i know and am technically at least acquaintances with...well, actually more so but IDK. something of the sorts. 

you get it right?

she got on the next stop and we did the whole “OMG HEY DIDNT EXPECT TO SEE YOU HERE” thing. and we spoke for a solid 5 min saying the same shit over and over because we didn’t know what else. but like it was still kinda chill. ‘til it was kinda awkward. then we were both on our phones. right next to each other. and then i realized.

so was everyone else ahead and behind us. no talk. just everyone doing something of the sorts on their cellular device.

lmao. we all hide behind our phones. all of us.

and it’s so funny because everyone has so much talk. IM THIS IM THAT. like no you ain’t shit shut up. 

and okay we ALL do it to some extent. with someone. somewhere.

and why?

to build our egos?? or are we all just cowards just for the sake of it??

even now there’ll be some people looking at this post thinking it’s wack and that they don’t do it. EVER. right?

yeah okay keep telling yourself that buddy.

so why do we get intimidated? why do we have to build ourselves up like that? and then we feel the need to always tell others to chill out. yet YOU yourself do it. we all do it. so why?

is there any real reason to it? even now i got dropped off to the station by a bunch of guys who are supposedly best friends going off at each other about some old texts. always trying to one up the other.

low-key. they sounded like 5 year olds. jk pretty much high-key. 

but they did come in clutch by giving me a ride so i’ll give em that.

yet this is how some people go about their day. each day. every day. or they can’t survive. it’s pathetic. and it’s sad.

so why is it a thing? for anyone? for everyone? 

how about we ALL chill out for once. 

and see how much more we can do with that.

peace out suckas

peace out suckas