manasvi tatineni. that’s my name. yeah, i’m not a huge fan i’m not gonna lie. it’s long, it’s hard to pronounce and substitute teachers usually resort to MAN-ASS-vi. over time, people have made more nicknames for me than i could ever recall and while i thrive for that personal connection with each one of them...none of those nicknames end up resembling me, but more of the relationship between me & so called person.

so yeah, my name is long and has a billion syllables but then again, isn’t that what resembles me?

i ramble. a lot. i start talking and by the time i finish, i am onto an entirely different topic with a completely unique context to the one prior. i lose my focus easy and get distracted in no time... most people look at these things at weaknesses, definitely at school, definitely your elders, but i’m here to tell you all that i love it. it’s me. it’s a lot of you too. and that’s okay, in fact, it’s better than okay.

i never stop running out of things to say. i talk and talk and talk and go on like no ones business and yeah maybe no one is even listening or really gives a f*** at the end of the day but then again do i really care?

yeah no. i don’t care i don’t need anyone’s validation to prove what i am. i know what i am. i’m a storyteller. it’s what i do. my 18 years of life has been one thing after the next... and if you really know me you know how true that is. it’s crazy and insane and all those kinda words relating and sometimes so much so that it’s so unbelievable until someone perceives it with their own eyes.

now while it’s been tougher than i could ever imagine, it is also what has given me the blessing to share those stories out to those willing to listen and the tidbits of wisdom that carry on with me after each tale has come to its end. ‘cause we all know another one takes its place soon after. more like right after but ya know.

anyways that’s this place. this blog. for years, those closest to me have been dragging on me to share my story to the world. “manasvi write a book, it’ll be a best seller.” “manasvi start a youtube channel you’ll turn into a famous vlogger”

well, guess what guys, the time has come and you can all hear the tragedy that is my life...or maybe the so-called brilliance that comes from it. either or, i hope you enjoy, i hope you’re able to take something out of it, but more than anything, i hope you are able to relate to something, even if it’s something so so small, because there is no greater feeling than seeing or hearing something that just at least for a second lets you know that you aren’t alone. i’m here for yall.

heh. time to get brutally honest. much love xx


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